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LMPHRF Certificate of Handicap holders' personal information and certificate is not displayed on the organization's web site.

The privacy of holders of a valid Certificate of Handicap to those visiting the LMPHRF, Inc. web site is important to the organization. Personal information is not shown. This encompasses certificate owner(s) name, address, telephone numbers, US Sailing membership identification, and email information. When such personal information is needed, written permission of individual owner(s) must grant it  by writing the Office of the LMPHRF Executive Director indicating purpose of request..

Organizers of LMPHRF scored competitive sailing events have access to some of this information since a LMPHRF Certificate of Handicap presented for race entry has the information race organizers typically need.

LMPHRF does not organize or manage competitive racing events.  It is a certificate issuing authority affiliated with US PHRF and US SAILING.


Region I     Waters of Green Bay and Upper Peninsula of Michigan -  Peg Stearn

Region II      Lake Winnebago and Inland Lakes of Wisconsin - Steve Mauritz

Region III       Milwaukee to Kenosha - Bob Sample

Region IV      Waukegan to Michigan City and the inland lakes and reservoirs of
                       Illinois and Indiana excluding Chicago  -  Gene Bach 

Region V        Chicago - Tom Barnes

Region VI       Southeast Shore of Lake Michigan to Point Betsie n
                        and the bays & inland lakes of Indiana and Michigan  -  Carl Petersen

Region VII     Lake Michigan north of Point Betsie to Mackinac Straights
                        including small inland lakes and bays  - Bruce Hubble
Region VIII    All regions not otherwise mentioned  including Canada
                       and Lake Superior - Paul Ansfield & Keith Stauber

Region IX       Multihulls from any other LMPHRF Region - Trey Ritter


LMPHRF handicaps boats with deference to THE RACING RULES OF SAILING 2013-2018 including US SAILING Prescriptions, the ISAF OFFSHORE SPECIAL REGULATIONS 2012-2013, and the ISAF EQUIPMENT RULES OF SAILING 2013-2016.  Take note of the following:

Application for a certificate


Certificate renewal postmarked by March 15th


Certificate renewal postmarked after March 15th


Expedited certificate processing


Replacement or duplicate certificate


Appeal of a handicap



The fee for expedited processing is an additional fee (e.g. late fee plus expedited processing results in a $170.00 charge paid before the current and valid certificate is mailed).

LMPHRF, Inc. does not do business by credit card. The correct fee must accompany a request for service. Only a personal check or a money order is acceptable for payment. Do not use cash in a payment for service


An Occasional Problem In each season, there are a few charges brought forward about boats racing with sails that are unspecified or not properly noted on their handicap application or renewal document.

Alleviating the Problem: To help alleviate potential concerns and problems, a label will be added to the LMPHRF Certificate of Handicap that notes it as an Endorsed or Unendorsed certificate.

An unendorsed certificate is based primarily on self-report of critical dimensions for handicapping and failure to report complete rig and sail plan data using a sail maker's measurement certificate. An unendorsed certificate does not have a current dated rig/sail plan measurement certificate on file. An application or renewal without a current rig/sail plan measurement certificate does not prevent assignment of a handicap or racing; it provides only for an unendorsed certificate with perhaps attendant difficulties.

An endorsed certificate has a current and dated rig/sailplan measurement certificate on file. Endorsed certificates will be helpful in protests and appeals.


LMPHRF may apply a credit to the base handicap for using a roller furling main or genoa/jib while racing.

Simply using roller-furling sails in competition does not automatically result in a credit that adjusts (increases) the value of a LMPHRF base handicap. In order to receive a roller furling credit several conditions must be strictly met and adhered to as delineated in the policy.

LMPHRF ROLLER FURLING CREDIT POLICY: Credit is awarded for mainsail luff roller furling of +6 sec/nm with no battens and positive roach or +3 sec/nm with battens and/or positive roach.

Credit for a roller furling headsail of +3 sec/nm is awarded when its LP is 155% or less and is the only headsail used in racing for the entire season declared in writing by application to LMPHRF.  The roller-furling drum must be above deck.  Storm sails are excepted from this requirement. Furling headsails with an LP larger than 155% will be heavily penalized. Exotic materials are acceptable when the sail is made for use as a roller furling headsail.  While racing, the roller -furled headsail cannot be dropped on deck for the purpose of sail changes with the exception of hoisting a storm jib. This credit is not awarded to production boats that have roller furling as a standard.

OWNER ACTION:  In order to receive the LMPHRF roller furling credits to the assigned base handicap of their boat, owners must annually complete a declaration, sign and date it, and send it with a copy of sail maker's certificate for their roller furled sails with their renewal documents to LMPHRF.  Copies of the declaration/application are available from the LMPHRF Office upon email request to


Two or three blade folding or feathering propeller on an exposed shaft

no adjustment  (0 sec./nm.)

Two bladed solid propeller on an exposed shaft

+6 sec./nm. (formally +3 sec./nm.)

Three bladed solid propeller on an exposed shaft

+9 sec./nm. (formally +6 sec./nm.)

Three bladed solid propeller in an aperture

+3 sec./nm.

Feathering or two bladed fixed  propeller in an aperture

no adjustment (0 sec./nm.)

Outboard fixed in well with two bladed solid propeller

+6 sec./nm.



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