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About this searchable database: This  searchable database contains several pieces of information that may be displayed for any boat issued and mailed a 2013 Lake Michigan Performance Handicap Racing Fleet Certificate of Handicap. These data reflect an update on August 27, 2013 .

The data contained within the accessed Handicap Look Up Table is the private copyrighted property of LMPHRF and its certificate holders.  No authority to use such information is granted to any Yacht Club or Sailing Association for the purpose of waiving a missing certificate, assigning or determining a similar or identical LMPHRF Certificate of Handicap.  Such an activity violates the current RRS under Class Rules and related rules published by ISAF and US Sailing with its Prescriptions as well as the LMPHRF/USPHRF Rule and Associated regulations. Unauthorized assignment or determination of a PHRF Handicap is a clear violation of United States copyright laws.

What is displayed? Sail Number, Yacht Name, Type/Class, Base Handicap (BHCP), Final Handicap (HCP) as an algebraic sum of adjustments to the BHCP that comprise penalties or credits, a Time-on-Time Scoring Correction Factor (TOTCF), a Non-spinnaker handicap (NSHCP), a Distance Handicap (DHCP), Crew Limit (CL) and Maximum Crew Weight (CW), and the date the Certificate of Handicap was issued. This data base is frequently updated to reflect generation of new Certificates of Handicap or reissued Certificates of handicap  based upon recent information that has been made available to the LMPHRF Chief Handicapper and the LMPHRF Technical Committee.

Instructions: To access information contained in this database, enter a search criterion in one of the boxes below.  Only one of the four search boxes is required for use to begin a search. The information entered into a search may be partial or complete as known. Use the Reset option to clear a previously entered search criterion information which you may want to change. Use the Submit option to start a new search. Data that matches entered search criterion will be displayed in a tabular format. View or print the displayed information.

A secure read only collection of currently issued LMPHRF certificates of handicap may also be viewed.


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