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The Lake Michigan Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (LMPHRF) is a not-for-profit corporation serving individuals who competitively sail cruising/racing monohull and multihull boats primarily in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. LMPHRF also services sailors from other regions of the country and sailors from certain Canadian Yacht Clubs. LMPHRF is a handicap certificate issuing organization; it does not sponsor, organize or manage competitive sailing events.

It is the intention of LMPHRF to fairly handicap monohull and multihull racing/cruising sailboats for competition and with as little expense to the owner as possible. Where LMPHRF refuses to provide a handicap, it is usually because it is not possible for handicappers to obtain accurate enough information to assess the boat's speed potential or the boat does not meet minimum safety standards.

LMPHRF operates using procedures consistent with those of the United States Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (USPHRF), and abides by all applicable regulations and rule of the United States Sailing Association (US Sailing). LMPHRF annually reviews its operating procedures, rules and regulations in an effort to improve services to its constituents.

LMPHRF researches, develops, establishes, and maintains an equitable system of performance handicaps for qualifying sailboats typically racing on Lake Michigan, nearby inland lakes and waterways, and elsewhere on the Great Lakes.

LMPHRF operating procedures guide performance handicap assignment, handicap validation and certification, and appeal of issued performance handicaps.

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